Availability Announcement: Developer 2.7 and TissueStudio 4.4.2

Now Available for Download:

Tissue Studio® 4.4.2
Definiens XD Product Suite 2.7.0
Image Miner® 2.7.0

Dear customers,

It is our pleasure to bring this new release of Tissue Studio®, Definiens XD Product Suite and Image Miner® to you. With this new release, you will receive enhancements designed to improve the overall usability and stability of your Definiens software.


Release Highlights

Tissue Studio® 4.4.2

  • Improved import of Aperio Annotations
  • Allow Aperio Annotation import for the Registration Portal
  • Possibility to switch off the multiple tissue detection
  • Automatic export of density of cells or nuclei in the ROI statistics
  • Added column “ROI name” to the customized Object Statistic


Definiens XD 2.7 Product Suite

  • Full flexibility when using Aperio *.xml annotations
  • Removal of pixel shifts by driver resampling refactoring
  • New and enhanced algorithms:
    • Export/Import Binary Data Variable to save and load classifier configurations
    • Assign Image Layer Alias to rename image layers, esp. for use in IF images
    • Create extremum pixel value image layers


Please note that using the Aperio eSlide Manager integration is restricted to defined versions of internet browsers. Please approach Definiens Support for advice.


Image Miner® 2.7

  • Improved compatibility with the Developer XD and Tissue Studio products


Please consult the attached Release Notes for more information on the products:

Tissue Studio®
Definiens XD Product Suite
Image Miner®

Where can I get the software?

To get access to the updated software, please contact our Support Team: support@definiens.com
They will assist you with the installation.


Licenses for previous versions of Definiens products will continue to work. There is no need for a new license request.

Enjoy using this new version of the software!

Yours sincerely,

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