Definiens XD 1.2 Availability Announcement

Dear Customers,

Definiens XD v1.2 - General Availability Announcement
It is my great pleasure to announce the general availability of Definiens XD 1.2.

About Definiens XD v1.2
Definiens XD 1.2 is a functional update to Definiens XD 1.2 and includes both new features and a significant number of bug fixes to the XD software. Therefore, Definiens XD 1.2 is recommended for new customers and customers migrating from Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence SuiteTM products. Definiens XD 1.2 is also required for customers using Definiens Tissue StudioTM who wish to extend processing throughput by processing jobs using an existing eCognition Server environment. Customers should review the attached release notes and decide the correct point in time to update to XD 1.2 to take advantage of these new features and bug fixes.

XD 1.2 Highlights

Definiens XD 1.2 includes over 100 new features and a significant number of bug fixes that improve the stability and reliability of the Definiens XD products.

  • Advanced Application Building
    • Control Look & Feel
    • New widgets
    • Library to rule set  communication
    • Object result review tool
  • TMA workflow enhancements
  • Multi-user workflow support
  • Enhanced Ruleset Development (CNL)
    • Over 25 algorithm extensions and improvements, including
    • Map Manipulation Algorithms
    • Significantly improved handling of spatial relationships
    • Profiling tools for ruleset performance measurement and tuning
    • Range of New Features
  • Wider Connectivity
    • Olympus dotSlide
    • TissueGnostics
    • Seamless export of results in real unitsvotec Opera Z Stack Support
    • Zeiss ZVI
    • Leica LIF
    • DICOM PET Support and additional metadata levels
    • Linux and Windows support for all image formats (Via Image Proxy Server) 
  • Viewing Performance and Usability Improvements 
      Ability to overlay features on Map displays
    • Multiple Select on Image Objects
    • Linked Views between Maps
    • Save restore view settings includes works with maps and splits 
    • Intelligent screen update - redraw image only if objects have changed
    • Image Proxy Server provides
      • Automatic zoom cache creation using Image Proxy Server for fast viewing of non pyramisd formats (e.g. Ariol)
      • Calculation and cache of Image statistics
      • Thumbnail creation in background processes
  • Platform and Processing Enhancements
    • Local Server

A complete list of bug fixes and new features can be found in the attached release notes.

Note: Definiens XD 1.2 contains Definiens Tissue Map 3.1, see attached release notes for further details.


Software downloads

The software is available from the downloads centre.

Please send an email to we will be happy to provide you with the new username and password.

What's New in Definiens XD 1.2 Webinar - Tuesday 3rd  November  5PM CET, 11 AM EST

  • Definiens XD 1.2 Goals and Themes
  • New Features and Benefits of XD 1.2
  • Upgrading to Definiens XD 1.2
  • Online Questions and Answers

Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now at:

Please feel free to publicize this webinar to your colleagues who may not have received this email.


No new licenses are required for existing Definiens XD customers. EII customers trading in to XD will require new licenses. Contact with any licensing requests or questions.



Definiens Research and Development Team

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