Definiens Tissue Studio 1.1 Availability Announcement

Tissue Studio 1.1 Availability Announcement

Dear Customers,

It is our pleasure to bring this new release of Definiens Tissue Studio version 1.1 to you.

About Definiens Tissue Studio 1.1

Definiens Tissue Studio 1.1 is a functional update to Definiens Tissue Studio 1.0. It includes a number of new features and a few bugfixes. It is a recommended update for all Tissue Studio users. Definiens Tissue Studio is now also available as an application for users of the Definiens XD platform in an Enterprise (Client - Server) environment. The dedicated platform release Definiens XD 1.2.5 is serving as the release vehicle.

Definiens Tissue Studio 1.1 Key Features

  • Definiens Tissue Studio in Enterprise environments
  • Manual Selection with polygon outlining tool on native image resolution
  • Preselection of regions for postprocessing with Composer or Xenograft modules
  • Exclusion of nuclei and cells based on user-defined criteria
  • Changes to exported result files and folder structure
  • Use Composer Technology on Tissue Microarrays

Please have a look at the complete list of new features and bugfixes in the attached Release Notes.

Software downloads

The software is available from the Definiens Download Center.

Please send an email to and we will be happy to provide you with a username and password for this release.



The Definiens Tissue Studio Team

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