Definiens Tissue Studio 2.0 Availability

Dear Valued Customer,

It is our pleasure to bring this new release of Definiens Tissue Studio™ 2.0 to you.

About Definiens Tissue Studio™ 2.0

Definiens Tissue Studio™ 2.0 is a major feature release with a focus on the fluorescence capabilities of the product. It includes about 25 bugfixes to Definiens Tissue Studio™ 1.1 AL4.2 and is a recommended update for customers using any previous version of Tissue Studio.

Key Features

These are some of the key features of the new version:

  • Full fluorescence support
    • Tissue-Background Separation
    • Nuclear Detection
    • Membrane and Cell Detection
    • Cell Simulation
    • Marker Area (Co-localization)
    • TMA Core Detection
  • Composer Technology
    • Feature Selection
  • Automatic Tissue-Background Separation
  • Export unlimited number of features
    • Context features included
  • Extended data import options

Please have a look at the complete list of new features and bugfixes in the release notes (attached).

Introductory Webinar

A first introduction into the new functionality will be done in an open webinar on August 4th. Please have a look here for more details:

For those of you who can't make it to the webinar, the webinar will be recorded and posted in the Definiens Life TV channel on

Software Downloads

The software is available for download from the Definiens Download Center:

Please send an email to and we will be happy to provide you with a username and password for this release.


Licenses for Definiens Tissue Studio™ 1.1 will continue to work. There is no need for a new license request. If you use the workstation installation, please make sure to activate the software by loading your current license file after installation. It is recommended to uninstall all older versions of the software before installing the new version.

Enjoy using this new version of the software! If you have any questions, please get back to me.

Yours sincerely,
Kai Hartmann, Product Manager

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