Definiens XD 1.5 Availability Announcement

Dear Customers,

I am delighted to announce the General Availability (GA) of Definiens XD 1.5.

Definiens XD 1.5 is a recommended  update release that contains a range of useful improvements to the functionality of
Definiens XD products. Also, included are numerous bug fixes and patches that improve the general reliability and
performance of the Definiens XD software.

Importantly, Definiens XD brings together both the XD 1.3 ("Tissue Studio")  and XD 1.2.2 platform branches to provide a single integrated release
that supports the latest application and platform functionality in one version. Definiens XD 1.5 also provides the release vehicle
for updates to the following applications.

• Definiens Tissue Studio™
• Definiens Tissue Map
• Definiens Cellenger™

Please see release notes and corresponding availability announcements for the respective applications for further details.

Definiens XD 1.5 includes are range of new features, including:

SDK Enhancements

  • Improved Export Handling
  • Create Customized Features

Latest Operating Systems Support

  • Full support for Windows 2008, Windows 7
  • SuSE Server 10 & 11
  • RHEL 4 & 5

Import / Export

  • DICOM Import representing Patient, Study, Series organization.
  • OME-TIFF driver
  • Export Image Object Thumbnails
  • Flexible control of the export path
  • 3D Shape file export support

Usability Enhancements

  • Configurable Workspace Display
  • Definable Mouse Movements
  • Viewer Usability for Radiology
  • Cantered Display
  • Slice Linked Viewing
  • Positionable Meta data in Viewer
  • 3D Shape visualisation

Algorithm Improvements

  • Copy Map – 3D Subsets, Scaling Z and T
  • Customised Algorithms (sortable parameters, descriptions)
  • Remove Objects (Thresholds, Disconnected Objects)
  • Line Drawing and Visualization

For full details of new features and bug fixes please consult the attached release notes.

For all current customers with active maintenance contracts this software can be obtained from the download centre. To obtain an updated password please contact for logon information.

Customers moving from XD 1.2.x require no new licenses. Customers moving to XD from Definiens Enterprise Image IntelligenceTM Suite do require updated licenses. License requests should be sent to

To subscribe to future product announcements please visit the product announcements area of the customer support portal and click on the subscribe portal. If you do not have an account for the customer support portal please send an email to

Kind Regards,
Jonathan Sutcliffe
Director Platform Products

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