Definiens XD 2.0 General Availability

Dear Valued Customers,

On behalf of Definiens I am delighted to announce the availability of Definiens XD 2.0.

Definiens XD 2.0 is a major update for the Definiens XD product line. It includes, for the first time, both 32bit and native 64 bit editions of all products. Native 64 bit editions provide benefits for memory computationally intensive processes, such as 3D Rendering, Image Registration and the analysis of large multidimensional data sets. Aside from the memory handling characteristics, 32bit and 64bit editions are functionally equivalent. Definiens recommends customers using previous versions upgrade to Definiens XD 2.0. Please see the following knowledge base article for a more detailed discussion of the 64bit editions.

FAQ - Definiens 64bit Edition

Users of Definiens Tissue Studio 3.0® client server will require Definiens XD 2.0.


  • 64bit Editions for memory computationally intensive processes (e.g. 3D Rendering, Image Registration, Analysis of large 3D data sets)
  • CNL - Array Concept
  • Machine Learning Algorithms (Bayes, KNN, Suport Vector Machine, Decision Trees)
  • Aperio Annotation Support (file system and from Aperio Spectrum)
  • New File Browser Dialog (for file system and database browsing)
  • JPG2000 high performance driver with pyramid support for very large images.
  • New and Updated Algorithms and Features
  • Export supports > 260 character file paths
  • Workspace audit trail report
  • 3D/4D Support for synchronize maps

Please see the attached release notes and the corresponding availability announcements for the respective applications for additional details.
Please contact who will be happy to provide you with download details for this version (customers with active maintenance only).
You can find more information on Definiens XD 2.0 on the web at:

Learn more about the new version on the following conferences and webinars:

  • Oct 17-18: Definiens Symposium
  • Week of October 24: Product Launch Webinar (date to be announced)

Customers using XD require no new licenses. Customers moving to XD from Definiens Enterprise Image IntelligenceTM Suite do require updated licenses.  License requests should be sent to
If you have any questions please feel free to contact
Enjoy the new release!
Kind Regards,
Jonathan Sutcliffe
Director Platform Products

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