Definiens XD 2.0.2 Availability Announcement

Dear Valued Customer,

It is our pleasure to bring this new release of Definiens XD 2.0.2  to you.

About Definiens XD 2.0.2

DefiniensXD 2.0.2 is a maintenance release that also includes support for Definiens Tissue Studio® 3.5.
Customers using Definiens Tissue Studio are advised to upgrade to this release to take advanage of the new features and bug fixes included with Definiens Tissue Studio® 3.5. Customers not using  Definiens Tissue Studio® should consult the attached release notes when planning to update to Definiens XD 2.0.2. 

Key Features

  • Support for Definiens Tissue Studio® 3.5.
  • Bug fixes and improvements designed to improve the general usability and reliability of Definiens XD products. 

Software Downloads

The software is available for download from the Definiens Download Center:

Please send an email to and we will be happy to provide you with a username and password for this release.


Licenses for previous versions of Definiens XD will continue to work. There is no need for a new license request.


Enjoy using this new version of the software!

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Sutcliffe, Director of Product Management

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