Availability Announcement: New Version of Definiens Product Suite - May 2013

Dear Valued Customer,

It is our pleasure to bring the new release of the Definiens® Software Suite to you. This release will make your workflows more efficient and will save valuable hands-on time working with our software. This is an update for the whole product suite, including Definiens Tissue Studio® 3.6, Definiens XD 2.1 and Image Miner® 2.1.

Major features updated in this new release:

  •  Fast and efficient whole slide review
    • A new viewer in Definiens Tissue Studio, Developer XD, Architect XD and Image Miner allows fast exploration of whole slide images before and after processing.
  • Metadata handling
    • Metadata (e.g. patient information, drug, dosage) can now be imported into the workspace together with the images.
    • Metadata can be used during image analysis configuration/development and for data grouping in Image Miner.
  • Iterative improvements of results
    • Outlier images from workspace processing can be re-processed with an adjusted configuration. The results are merged automatically.
  • Product integration
    • Integration of image analysis with Image Miner 2.1 through instant import of image analysis results in Image Miner.
    • Tissue Studio workspace generation possible from Image Miner.

Where can I find more information?

For a general overview, please click here (http://www.definiens.com/about-definiens/resource-center/definiens-tv/detail.html?tx_s2damvideo_pi1%5Buid%5D=115&cHash=094724265f38010db833b46b4df1b8ab) to view the recordings of the launch presentation held at the 4th International Definiens Symposium in Boston, May 13-15.

Detailed technical information can be found in the attached release note documents for each product.

Also, we will be updating the list of operating systems certified for use with Definiens software. This most recent information can be found here (https://definiens.zendesk.com/forums/28129-Definiens-End-of-Life-Announcements). 

Where can I get the software?

The software is available for download from the Definiens Download Center. Please contact support@definiens.com for login details. 

Enjoy using this new version of the software!

Yours sincerely,
Kai Hartmann, Director of Product Marketing

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