Availability Announcement: New Version of Definiens XD and Tissue Studio - December 2013

Dear Valued Customer,


It is our pleasure to bring this new release of the Definiens XD™ 2.1.1 product suite and Tissue Studio® 3.6.1 to you. Definiens XD™ 2.1.1 and Tissue Studio® 3.6.1 are important maintenance releases and a recommended update for all users of Definiens XD™ 2.1, Tissue Studio® 3.6 and older versions.

Release highlights

  • Important bug fixes and software improvements
  • Support of the newest version of Philips IMS, version
  • Usability improvements for Tissue Studio®

Please consult the Release Notes for TS or the Release Notes for XD for further information.

General Performance Recommendations

  • Use the 64-bit editions of Definiens Software and ensure that systems meet requirements. Note that from 2014 on, support for 32-bit operating systems will be discontinued. Please consult the Definiens  Operating Systems Roadmap document for further details.
  • Download your updated software from the Definiens Download Center:

Where can I get the software?

  • The software is available for download from the Definiens Download Center. Please contact support@definiens.com for login details. 


Enjoy using this new version of the software!


  Juliane Krüger

  Definiens Product Manager

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