Availability Announcement: Developer 2.4.2 and TissueStudio 4.1

Now Available for Download:

Tissue Studio® 4.1
Developer XD 2.4.2

Dear Valued Definiens User,

It is our pleasure to bring the newest versions of Tissue Studio® and Developer XD to you. With this new release, you will receive several enhancements and new features designed to improve the overall usability and stability of your Definiens Tissue Phenomics® software.

Release Highlights

Tissue Studio®

  • Faster throughput for tissue image analysis. Experience a minimum two-fold improvement in processing speed.
  • Single & dual stain quantification for ISH and vessels with any chromogen. This is in addition to the existing IHC dual stain quantification feature.
  • Automatic alignment and analysis of regions on serial slides.

Definiens XD

  • Flexible scheduling of image analysis processing jobs to assist in time and project management.
  • Faster data exchange using Definiens propriety format.

Please consult the Release Notes for each product for further information:

Tissue Studio®
Definiens XD

How to Get the Software

The new versions of Tissue Studio® and Developer XD are available to current license holders free of cost. To access the updated software, please email our Support Team: support@definiens.com.They will assist you with the installation.

General Performance Recommendations

All Definiens software is developed for optimal performance on 64-bit operating systems. Please consult the Definiens Product Datasheets for further details:

Tissue Studio®
Developer XD


Licenses for previous versions of Definiens products will continue to work with the new software version. There is no need for a new license request.

Enjoy using this new version of the software!

Yours sincerely,


Bettina Winkler

Definiens Product Manager

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